* HandleandKnobShop.com will be on annual shut-down between 28.01.2017 and 12.02.2017 to do stock taking, annual account and of course, an holiday, etc., this year. We will accept the orders during this time. But, unfortunately, we are not able to ship them. After this time, all accumulated orders will be shipped within 3 or 4 days. After that, the shipments will be as usual and normal, as what we promise. Thanks for your understanding.

*HandleandKnobShop.com invites customers who consider to review "lead crystal offers", to check what is the devastating effect of toxic material: "lead", used in those crystals, into your health and environment. You can find full answers about Lead Toxicity, exposure of it and how it may effect you, especially your children and environment,  on the US governing body "Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry" website if you write "ATSDR lead" on search engines or on other sources. As a responsible company, HandleandKnobShop.com urges costumers not to put yourself and your children health, and environment into risks.
We sell thousands of OVO® TEZ® crystals NEVER contain "toxic lead". As it can be seen in our feedbacks on Ebay and Amazon, all of our customers have been stunned with the quality and shiny characteristic of OVO® TEZ® knobs. The reflection property of OVO® TEZ® knobs is the same as those lead crystals and toughness of OVO® TEZ® crystal knobs against scratch, tear and wear which is prominent for handles and knobs, is superior against those lead crystals.